Desktop 11 – State of Some Apps 2018

Desktop 11 - State of Some Apps 2018

To kick off 2018, Mike and Rob go through the apps they use the most, comparing and contrasting how they’ve changed over the years.


Noteworthy Apps:

  • Social Media/News/Entertainment (Twitter | Reddit/Reddit is Fun | Facebook | LinkedIn)
  • Video (YouTube |Netflix |Facebook | Google Home w/ Chromecast)
  • Podcasts (Pocket Casts | Overcast)
  • Music (Spotify | Apple Music)
  • Mobile Video Production (Filmic Pro | Wireless Transfer)
  • Storage/Backup (Google Drive/Photos | Microsoft OneDrive | iCloud Drive/Backup)
  • Productivity (Creative Cloud | Office 365 | Google Drive Suite)
  • To-Do/Reminders ( OneNote | Google Calendar/Keep/Inbox | Outlook | S Note)
  • Email (Google Inbox | Outlook)
  • Games (Pokemon Go | Breath of the Wild)
  • Misc. Mike (IFTTT | LastPass | Google Maps | Twilight | RealCalc | Samsung Health | Stocard)
  • Misc. Rob (Gboard | BackBlaze | DigitalOcean | Apple Wallet | Transit | WordPress)
  • Facebook Messenger (So Good!)

You can check out the episode on YouTube too, if that’s your thing.

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Ottawhat 138 – Tuong La

Ottawhat 138 - Tuong La

Tuong La has a LOT going on. In this episode, we try to get to the bottom of what sustains all his jobbies (jobs/hobbies), including podcasting, video production, improv comedy, and much, much more! See links to all his stuff below ⇩ !

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