We Want You(r Stories)

At Unwind Media, we really like looking at the world in new ways. Each and every person has their own unique perspective of the world, and our shows like to explore the places, people, and things that we find most interesting.

The hosts of shows on this network are open-minded, intelligent, and critical thinkers, but we don’t come from a particularly diverse set of backgrounds. We talk about technology, music, comedy, politics, arts, science, sports, entertainment, and current events, among other things, but we are also always looking to broaden our horizons.

Here’s where you come in.

Our network is currently looking for opportunities to let interesting and under-represented groups or individuals tell their stories.

Have you thought about starting a blog/podcast/video series to discuss something or tell interesting stories, but got stuck even trying to get off the ground?

Do you have a set of interests or passions you really want to explore and share with the world, but need some help figuring out the details?

We are hoping to specifically find people¬†with under-represented viewpoints or uncommon experiences, especially in comparison to male, mostly-white personalities that seem to dominate some media. That’s not to say that you should be discouraged from sharing your idea(s) with us if you’re a white dude, but our goal in reaching out now is to seek out other voices. Women, visible or invisible racial or cultural minorities, LGBT++ (or, more broadly, anybody who doesn’t consider themselves¬†fitting into the so-called gender ‘binary’), etc.

You can consider this a ‘mentorship’ opportunity, or a partnership, or just joining a team of open-minded friends with similar goals. We have the resources in place and some experience in the web, to help you get your project started, and to help you share it with the world. We also have a network of projects currently running with friendly, interesting people across most of Canada who can discuss and share ideas and experiences making things.

Between members of the team, we’ve put together podcasts, music and music videos (including an EP!), websites, blogs, video series, and a whole lot more. Follow this link to see a few concrete examples of projects that we would consider.

If you want to be involved, please contact us at @UnwindMedia on Twitter, or by email at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!