Back to Normal

#118 – Re-Re-Restrictions

On the show this week, I talk about burnout at work (which is completely new to me), the new (useless) restrictions the Ontario government has put in place, and Health Canada’s authorization of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine for anybody over 18 again. Here is a list of the restrictions added yesterday for Ontario:Full list of new… Continue reading 118 – Re-Re-Restrictions


#17 – Glad She Wrote Her Name Down

Mike and Rob finally have the discussion they’ve been waiting over a year to have, about spoilers in media. Our duo take a little time to talk about how they each feel about spoilers, their pros and cons, and finally their thoughts on the 2016 film Arrival.

The Scoop

#4 – Gareth Reynoldson

Film critic Gareth Reynoldson talks Christmas movies, jam, Cheetos, and his top film picks on the last episode of The Scoop of the year!