Forever 39: Mom Culture Comes to Ottawa

Forever 39, the lifestyle store that’s been expanding throughout the American suburbs has finally made its way through customs into Canada. The store is the largest seller of leggings, knockoff yoga pants, cheap wine, and Pinterest craft supplies. The US retailer is opening up shop in the nation’s capital’s Tanger Outlets. Its key demographic is suburban women aged 35-55, and the store is set to open here on March 9th.

We spoke with Beth from Kanata Lakes, age 40, who was very excited for the store to open in Ottawa. “I first found the store when my girlfriends and I took a trip to Boston last year. We were amazed; it was the perfect store for us. We all bought matching sweater capes, and bottle of pinot grigio for our night-in at the hotel. We also bought ourselves mason jars and tea candles and made these cute little lanterns we found on Pinterest. I can’t believe they’re finally coming to Ottawa.”

Miranda from Barrhaven, age 37, says about Forever 39, “Even though I’m almost 39, I feel 39 at heart. I can’t believe there’s finally a store for me and all the other moms at book club. I used to go to another craft store for my supplies for the kids, but I think the only place I’ll ever need to go is Forever 39.”

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