Seeds of Thought 0.4 – Interview with a Maddox

In this episode of Fake It, I had the great and powerful +Nick Maddox on. We talked about his move across the country, what convinced him to leave grad school, and our differing opinions on long-distance relationships.You can find Nick on Twitter @NWAMaddox or read his blog at You can also hear him this week on the Ottawhat? Podcast, which I also co-host.

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We talked about: – Nick’s Blog
Wait But Why – Taming the Mammoth – I love linking to this article, everybody should read it!

Seeds of Thought 0.3 – Artist’s Life with Brian Lee

Episode 3 of Fake It contains my conversation with Brian Lee. We had a really great talk about work, life and being an artist. We also talked about starting fresh in a new place, and the challenges and opportunities that presented both of us.

You can follow BL on Twitter @mystical_wizard, and check out to see more from his band. Brian was kind enough to play a little guitar for me while we were together, you’ll find those sprinkled throughout our conversation.

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We talked about:
Brian’s Favourite Quotes – You will have to be friends with BL to see these.

Seeds of Thought 0.2 – Celebrity Encounters (with Damien Broomes)

In this second episode of Fake It, I sat down with my good friend Damien Broomes. We talked about his recent celebrity encounter, exchanged views on success, and thought a lot about what it means to make it and be successful in the world. I think we both learned something!Let me know what you think in a comment below, on Twitter @RobAttrell, or wherever you see this posted. I have a podcast subscription link on the right for those interested. If you’d like to be on the show, feel free to let me know that too!

We talked about:

Thanks very much to Becca for taking such great photos! And Happy Birthday to Becca as well!

Norman Borlaug is the man who saved a billion lives through agriculture who we talk about. He has a Nobel Peace Prize, so it’s not like he’s had no recognition, but he’s far from a household name.


Find Damien’s work at