Seeds of Thought 0.4 – Interview with a Maddox

Seeds of Thought
Seeds of Thought
Seeds of Thought 0.4 - Interview with a Maddox

In this episode of Fake It, I had the great and powerful +Nick Maddox on. We talked about his move across the country, what convinced him to leave grad school, and our differing opinions on long-distance relationships.You can find Nick on Twitter @NWAMaddox or read his blog at You can also hear him this week on the Ottawhat? Podcast, which I also co-host.

Let me know what you think of the show in a comment below, on Twitter @RobAttrell or the show’s feed @FakeItShow, or wherever you see this posted. I’d love your feedback, reviews and suggestions for future guests!

We talked about: – Nick’s Blog
Wait But Why – Taming the Mammoth – I love linking to this article, everybody should read it!

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