Seeds of Thought 0.6 – The Pentatoque

Seeds of Thought
Seeds of Thought
Seeds of Thought 0.6 - The Pentatoque
My co-hosts on +Future Chat and I decided to take a break from the very latest in science and tech to just chat this week. Things got very interesting, and we ended up talking about where we put our energy (a la Hello Internet’s 4 Lightbulbs episode), niches on the Internet and how everything kind of is one, and even discussed the cons of vertical video.


You can find Mike and Nick on Future Chat with me every Saturday, or on Twitter @nwamaddox and @ma_YYC not respectively.

Let me know what you think of the show in a comment below, on Twitter @RobAttrell or wherever you see this posted. I’d love your feedback, reviews and suggestions for future guests!

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can watch the video of our chat here at +Unwind Media on YouTube.

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