Seeds of Thought 4 – WTF Society

I had an introspective Sunday morning.

See the video here:

Here’s an article about the ‘distracted walking’ bill I discuss:

Seeds of Thought 3 – The Future Liberals Want

Wow. So after over 2 months without any episodes of Future Chat, the intrepid hosts (and Senior Contributor) join up to catch up on each others’ summers. We end up talking quite a bit about recent political goings-on, mostly to agree to condemn white supremacy and racist dog-whistling. Unfortunately though, approaching the end of the show, the three of us couldn’t come together and agree on the best peanut butter.

If you’re wondering why the show ends with Mike playing Green Day, here’s how the episode *REALLY* started… [#BONUSCONTENT]


If you’d rather WATCH the show, you can find that link here.