8 – Hits You Different

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8 - Hits You Different

Today, I follow up on yesterday’s spoilers episode, citing examples of ways TV and movies can change even after you’ve seen them, and the way sky-high expectations can ruin perfectly good media.

7 – All About Spoilers

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7 - All About Spoilers

Today’s episode is all about movie and TV spoilers: why I don’t care, the only kind of spoilers I really don’t like, and why I encourage others to try this lifestyle.

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Desktop 17 – Glad She Wrote Her Name Down

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Desktop 17 - Glad She Wrote Her Name Down

Mike and Rob finally have the discussion they’ve been waiting over a year to have, about spoilers in media. Our duo take a little time to talk about how they each feel about spoilers, their pros and cons, and finally their thoughts on the 2016 film Arrival.


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