100 – The Vaccines Are Coming!

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100 - The Vaccines Are Coming!

Season 2 is here, and it’s great to be back! Today our topics are: the Pfizer vaccine approval, ALL the new stuff announced by Disney yesterday, and the surprise Taylor Swift album drop. Enjoy!

15 – What You’re Good At

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15 - What You're Good At

In this episode, I discuss the process of figuring out what you’re good at, through the lens of the Frozen II documentary Into the Unknown, on Disney+. It took me a long time to figure out what my skillset was, but now that I have, I can really double down and work on it.

Desktop 17 – Glad She Wrote Her Name Down

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Desktop 17 - Glad She Wrote Her Name Down

Mike and Rob finally have the discussion they’ve been waiting over a year to have, about spoilers in media. Our duo take a little time to talk about how they each feel about spoilers, their pros and cons, and finally their thoughts on the 2016 film Arrival.


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