Ottawa Families Will Participate in New Reality Show “Block Swap”

While Ottawa is a city with a distinct atmosphere, there are sections of it that differ greatly. These differences will be highlighted on TLCs new series “Block Swap”, where two families from different neighbourhoods will have to switch houses for a month.

“It was challenging,” said Tia Ramone, a contestant who had to move from the Glebe to Bell’s Corners, “It was like a whole new world over there. I had a hard time shopping for basic everyday needs. It’s like they had never even heard of organic vegan dog food.” Ms. Ramone and her daughter lived in the trailer park in Bell’s Corners for 4 weeks, while the Jones family moved into her Glebe townhouse.

The Jones family had their own difficulties with the move. “This place is really messed up. There’s no Tim Hortons or McDonalds anywhere near here. How is that even possible?” ranted Alan Jones. “The Glebe lacks basic necessities. Where am I supposed to get my cheques cashed? They claim to be dog friendly, but apparently my pitbull is the exception to the rule.”

If successful, future seasons of the show may expand to other areas of town such as Rockcliffe Park, Herongate, Kanata Lakes, and South Keys.

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