Bier Markt Bartender Fired for Wearing “Uniform”

The popular Bier Markt franchise came under fire this week, after it attempted to force employees to wear short, skimpy dresses as part of a company uniform. Activists claimed that the company was infringing on the human rights of its employees by instituting the mandatory outfits. Additionally, many Bier Markt staffers complained about the changes, arguing that the bar was attempting to sexualize them. However, not all employees were upset with the dress code.

“I thought the dresses were comfortable and sleek” says Peter Hayes, who has been a bartender at Bier Markt for over a year, “It gets hot being stuck behind that bar, so when I heard that they were assigning these tiny uniforms, I was stoked.”

Mr. Hayes claims that he was denied a dress when he asked to be issued one by his manager. He eventually received an outfit from a coworker, but was asked to remove it minutes after putting it on. Mr. Hayes refused to change his outfit for two shifts before he was let go. “I was an employee, and the memo said that employees had to wear the dress. Bier Markt is sending mixed messages.”. Mr. Hayes is suing the company for wrongful dismissal.


  1. What a great response. He should win! And as Andrew stated, I would like to know if a funding campaign for legal fees is started 🙂

  2. I love the sentiment of the action………Canadian Human Rights Tribunal might issue a order against the Bier Markt but what else will be gained. Employee will probably be accused of being subordinate and Employment Standards Act mandates 1 week of pay for each year worked……..If he sues in court….good luck….Small Claims Court Issue…….maybe 1 month per year of service…..if he settles with the Bier Markt…..most likely they will want a gag order and still not pay more than ! month per years of service. It sucks to stand up to the Establishment.

    1. Maybe the company should not have made the skimpy outfits "mandatory" and made them optional and this would have solved the issue. Forcing women to wear skimpy outfits should not be allowed.

  3. This is the same company (Swiss Chalet) that had it's female waiters wear hose horrendous german outfits in the 80s. There were straps over the chest which slid around the breasts and accentuated them. Very sexist. Many people stopped going and then then they changed the dress code, but I guess they never really got the message.

  4. Thank you to this man for standing up for the rights of your coworkers. I get so fed up by these skimpier and skimpier uniforms at restaurants. It's obviously extremely exploitive and can't imagine why people think it's ok.

    After a dinner where I kept noticing my server tugging at her skirt to try to get it lower than her crotch I contacted the Ontario Human Rights Commission (after first confirming that this was, in fact, against the code) — not only about that specific incident but about the trend in general. The person who responded to me was obviously irritated with me for thinking this might be worthy of his attention, and said the woman herself would have to complain for them to do anything. Great attitude. So if I see a person being exploited at work I can't do anything about it? Leave it in the hands of those who need the jobs?

    In response to Nicole Dumphy above I respond, let's hope so. Would love to see a database we could refer to.

  5. He looks great by modern feminine standards! Slim, buff really rockin' it! As a woman I can see no harm in his wearing the dress if he wants. It reminds me of working for UAL in the sixties and being told I had to wear nylons to work. Ridiculously uncomfortable, cold and constantly running – so expensive.

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