Cougar Sightings on the Rise Around Ottawa

Ottawa Police are warning residents to remain vigilant as they investigate reports of several cougar sightings from this past weekend. The city received multiple calls on Friday and Saturday night, reporting that cougars were seen outside establishments such as Crazyhorse in Kanata, and Maxwell’s on Elgin Street.

“People should absolutely be careful” says Nick Reynolds, a biology professor from the Carleton University, “Cougars are wild, unpredictable creatures. They are nocturnal predators who look for loud, densely populated places to hunt. For your own safety, you should stay away from these types of places, and avoid products like Axe body spray, trucker hats, or anything that says “YOLO” on it.”

While no victims have been confirmed, Ottawa Police are looking for assistance in their investigation. Anyone who has seen or been approached by a cougar is asked to contact [email protected].

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