Bayshore Parking Structure to be Converted into Ottawa’s Largest Escape Room

Big changes are coming to Bayshore Mall…yet again. The west-end mall went through an expensive makeover last year, expanding to accommodate more stores. With an increase in retailers, however, comes an increase in customers, all of whom need somewhere to park. Bayshore invested nearly $20 million dollars in the new parking structure, which many have described as “confusing,” “ill-conceived,” and even “dangerous.” The concrete hedge maze is notoriously difficult to navigate, lacks basic pedestrian crosswalks, and has a gloomy, dank atmosphere.

“It’s perfect,” says Hannah Elarsee, CEO of the Ottawa Escape Manor. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say that this was built to be a giant puzzle.” Escape rooms are life-sized games that challenge participants to look for clues within a room, which will eventually lead them to find a key in order to escape. Mrs. Elarsee has big plans for the former Bayshore parking structure. “In this new space, we will be able to build escape rooms that will lead to other escape rooms. These will be our most challenging rooms yet. It will take people days to get out.”


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