Ottawa Senators to Change Name Amidst Senate Scandal

Yesterday morning, the Ottawa Senators held a press conference at Canadian Tire Centre. Speculation leading up to the event suggested that the team would announce a new player acquisition or the dismissal of a management member. As it turns out, members of the press were very surprised at what Brian Murphy had to say.

“Due to the recent political controversy, the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club has decided that it will search for a new team name for the 2016-2017 season. In Roman times, Senators were respectable men who stood for justice and honour. In light of recent problems in the senate, our organization no longer wishes to be associated with them.”
Fans have already begun suggesting new names for Ottawa’s hockey team. Twitter has exploded with ideas, with the front runners such as “the Ottawa Francophones”, “the Ottawa Drones”, or “the Ottawa Rough Riders”.

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