Public Transit Poll: OC Transpo Voted “Best” and “Worst”

Last week, the results from Ottawa’s first ever Public Transit Poll were released. The poll was conducted over the span of two months, and reached approximately 25 000 people.
OC Transpo was featured heavily in the poll, and was voted “Best Public Transport Provider”. Unfortunately, it also claimed the title of “Worst Public Transport Provider”.
“We are obviously honoured that the citizens of Ottawa voted us “Best Public Transport Provider” said Don Henley, Public Outreach Officer for OC Transpo, “I think the results of this poll reflect the hard work that we have been doing in the community. We have the most routes, widest service, and best rates of any other bus company in Ottawa, and people appreciate that”. Mr Henley refused to comment on some of the other findings of the poll, such as OC Transpo being voted “least reliable” and “rudest”.
It is unclear if OC Transpo will act on any of the findings of the Public Transit Poll, but many experts predict that Ottawans will continue to use OC Transpo as their primary public transportation carrier.

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