So, Your Interest Is Piqued?

At the end of this post, you will find a very short form that you can fill out to let us know about your idea for a piece of media, if you’d rather have us contact you rather than reaching out via email or Twitter.

Here are just a handful of possible types of media (shows, stories, concepts, etc.) that could be possible:

  • A video series highlighting interesting historical landmarks with some backstory/context and narration along with interviews.
  • An audio-only story telling the story of an inspirational experience narrated by somebody who deals with similar things on a regular basis.
  • A running journal documenting lifestyle changes or transformations over a period of several months or years.

We are open to ideas for one-off projects, occasional pieces, or daily/weekly/monthly episodic content (see the original post here). We see this as an opportunity to support potentially under-represented voices, and to get projects off the ground that otherwise wouldn’t go anywhere.

Please, if you or anybody you know might be interested in discussing possible opportunities, please let them know to contact us at [email protected], @UnwindMedia on Twitter, or fill out the form below: