20 – Personal #2 (Internet History)

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20 - Personal #2 (Internet History)

Today, I’ll be delving in to my history of making things on the internet. There have been many a website and YouTube channel and podcast created by me over the years, and you can check out what they look like today from the ‘Other Stuff Our Hosts Do’ sidebar menu on unwindmedia.com.

10 – Let’s Get Personal #1

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10 - Let's Get Personal #1

Today, to celebrate the 10th episode, I’m going to get a little more personal with some of my backstory, how I got interested in technology, and how I moved around at NSERC until I got to where I am.

Happy Holidays from Ottawhat!

We’ve been through a lot this year as a group. Each of us has welcomed a new female presence in to our homes in 2017 (bonus points if you can decipher that riddle), and we met a lot of new and interesting people through the year. We’re taking a little break for the holidays, but we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at the year that we’ve had.

The first thing we did in 2017 was visit Unlocked Ottawa, a brand new escape room at the time, and then have them on the show to talk about the new business.

We performed live at Backdrop Restaurant, and interviewed two of our favourite previous guests, Cait and Tavis. We talked to an astronaut candidate about the Canadian Space Agency putting him and his fellow applicants through their paces. We spoke to business owners, musicians, and gamers, and everyone in between.

If 2018 is anything like this past year, we’re surely in for a treat! If you’d like to recommend or can put us in touch with somebody you’d like to see on the podcast, please let us know on Twitter @OttawhatPodcast, on Facebook at Ottawhat, or at [email protected].

Thanks so much for being on this journey with us, and have a safe and happy holiday season! We’ll be back with more episodes in the new year!