31 – Solving Problems with Excel

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31 - Solving Problems with Excel

In this episode, I talk a little about solving problems creatively with Excel and how you can solve almost any problem involving data with the right combination of Excel formulas.

Ottawhat 140 – Jumpin’ Joel Flash

Ottawhat 140 - Jumpin' Joel Flash


In the debut episode of 2018, we met Jumpin’ Joel Flash, who with his band the Magic Machine are releasing their very first single The Rain at a ‘mega-party’ at Live on Elgin on February 15th. We spoke with Joel about his transition from government work to pursuing his passion, and some of the ways different groups of creative professionals are combining their efforts to make great things in Ottawa.

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Jumpin’ Joel Flash (@JJoelFlash) | Twitter
The Rain Music Video – YouTube

Inukshuk IPA – Magnotta Brewery (As of recording, site is under construction)