Carp Dump Proposed as New Site for Victims of Communism Memorial

With the decision not to build the controversial “Victims of Communism” Memorial next to the Supreme Court of Canada, officials are still searching for a more suitable spot. The news came as a relief to many Canadians, who thought that building the $3 million project on prime downtown real estate was a poor choice. Yesterday, the federal government revealed their new proposed site for the structure: the Carp Dump.

“It’s a win-win” says Ann Chowdrey, Deputy Director of Public Works, “This new location will save the taxpayer millions of dollars. People have been concerned about the cost of the Memorial since the beginning, but Carp Dump has offered to donate material to construct it.” Mrs. Chowdrey would not comment on how much of the design will be made of recycled parts, but she remains optimistic. “When it’s done, the Victims of Communism Memorial will be the most beautiful giant piece of trash” she beamed.

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