War Museum to Host Nature Nocturne-Style Event

With the Museum of Nature selling out its monthly “Nature Nocturne” event yet again, the Canadian War Museum has decided to host a similar evening of drinking and dancing.

“Drunk Tank” promises to be an all night party, and features drink specials on molotov cocktails, B52s, and Sex on the Juno Beaches. Patrons will groove to the relentless beats of Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan, who will guest DJ the inaugural event. The museum will also offer a VIP lounge that is designed as a scale replica of Vimy Ridge, where VIP guests will receive further discounts on rounds of shots and Irish car bombs.

Early reactions to the announced event are mixed. While some welcome a new event in Ottawa, others call the affair “tasteless” and “immeasurably insensitive.” Besides the aforementioned war puns for the event, the museum’s Hall of Heroes will be converted into a coat check for the evening.

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