Artisan insurance agency opens in Hintonburg

Ottawa’s trendiest neighbourhood just got a little more hip. Last week a small insurance agency opened up that specializes in rather peculiar kinds of coverage.

“The world is constantly changing,” says Tzipi Rockwell, founder of Artisan Insurance Agency. “We aim to protect people who lead alternative lifestyles; the types of people who push boundaries and live life to the fullest. For years these trendsetters have operated without insurance, but today they can rest easy knowing that they are safe.”

While Ms. Rockwell was vague about what her agency covers, their website lists the following types of coverage:

  • Unforeseen damages to facial hair 
  • Fixed gear bike repair
  • Craft beer hops protection
  • Longboard collision coverage
  • Earlobe reconstruction
  • Ironic tattoo copyright

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