Refugees agree with Saskatchewan’s Premier

Recently-landed Syrian refugees are thankful for comments made by the Saskatchewan Premier.

In late November, Premier Brad Wall urged the federal government to suspend its plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by year-end, citing safety and security concerns. Syrian refugees claim to have no issues with Premier Wall’s stance, stating that Saskatchewan is not a suitable destination for refugees…or anyone, for that matter.

“I just fled a desolate wasteland, I’m not looking to relocate to another one,” explained Adnan Ali, who is moving his family of four to Ottawa’s east end. “I’m tired of unlicensed guns, terrible football teams, and being unable to grow anything for my family.”

Many seem to agree with Mr. Ali, hoping to make the best of this new chapter. Ottawans have risen to the occasion, supporting local shelters and family centres to help facilitate refugee settlement in Canada’s capital city.

“I feel blessed to see so much support from the community,” continued Ali, “I’m particularly excited to experience Canadian culture in Ottawa. I already have my RedBlacks jersey. Can you imagine if I had to cheer for the Roughriders? That would have been terrible.”

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