Redblacks Unwind in Offseason in Unusual Ways

The Ottawa Redblacks have begun to enjoy a well-deserved break after staging a dramatic comeback which culminated in them competing for the Grey Cup. While the pro-athletes obviously engage in strength and conditioning training during the off season, there are only so many push-ups one can do in a day. Ottawhat News sat down with a few of the Redblacks and asked them what they like to do between seasons.

Some players recharge their batteries by staying in. “I use this time to catch up on TV” says tight end Troy Banner “Right now I am burning through Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

“I am a huge audiophile. I could listen to vinyl for days. Specifically, I like Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton,” raves running back Frank Giuseppe.

Other players can’t sit still, deciding instead to keep working. “I started selling Cutco knives last year. It’s hard work, but going door to door is pretty fun when people recognize you. It certainly doesn’t hurt my sales,” says offensive lineman Patrice Dosslre.

“Football’s my job, but improv is my passion,” says linebacker Nathan Holmes, “When the season is done, I hook up with my troupe and we do long form 5 nights a week.”

Finally, a few of the Redblacks enjoy fairly successful athletic careers in the off-season. Wide receiver Marcus Bailey plays on a semi-professional polo team in Latvia, and kicker Max Ocupace is ranked 148th in the world of darts. Whatever they do, let’s hope they come back refreshed for next season.

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