Hero Cat Dials 311

When Maya Boyanska took an impromptu trip to the Ottawa Humane Society a few months ago, she had no idea that she would be making a decision that would change her life forever. That day, she decided to adopt Smudge, a Manx cat with seemingly endless amounts of energy.

“Smudge loves to explore. When I first brought her home, she spent days looking around the house and peering out all the windows. After a week, I noticed that her favourite spot to look at was the garbage bins in my backyard. She would sit at the back window and meow in that direction for hours.”

Two weeks ago, Maya received a Green Bin voucher in the mail, addressed to “Mrs. Meow”. The young woman was surprised, as she had not contacted the city for one. “I checked my landline, and a call to 311 was made while I was at work! I never really thought about using a Green Bin before, but when I got the voucher, I decided I may as well try it out” she explains.

Maya has had her new Green Bin for a week, and is enjoying it. “I can’t believe how little garbage I produce now, it’s awesome. I love how they come every week! I am so thankful to have a cat that cares so much about me and the environment. Smudge is a special animal…how many cats do you know that have the intelligence to dial a phone and the patience to sit on hold with 311?”

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