Kanata Votes to Secede From Ottawa

Residents of Kanata are celebrating this week after voting to separate from Ottawa. The vote took place on Tuesday, and saw 73% of participants vote in favour of seceding from our nation’s capital. John Bailey, the management consultant who led the movement, explains why Kanata felt the need for independence.

“We have a population of nearly 100 000 people, major shopping centres, and a strong sense of local culture. You won’t find a more united, homogeneous community anywhere else in Canada. It was only natural that we become our own city. I look forward to representing Kanata as well as working closely with Mayor Watson to ensure harmony between our two great cities”.

While the vote is certainly an exciting step for Kanata, a number of logistical questions remain. Bailey has proposed that a City Hall be erected within Kanata Centrum, the popular shopping centre. It is unclear if municipal services, such as public transit and garbage collection, will continue to be supplied by Ottawa, or simply be discontinued immediately. Finally, sports fans wonder what will happen to the Ottawa Senators, who will almost certainly will be forced to move from their Kanata arena, the Canadian Tire Centre.

It’s unclear at this time if Nepean, Orleans, Gloucester, Vanier, and Cumberland will follow in Kanata’s footsteps, but at least one thing is clear. Despite the uncertainty, residents are excited about finally having their independence. “This is a great step towards developing a strong Kanata identity. We love the suburbs, hate mosquitos, and are proud to be Kanatians.”


    1. Kanata is not governmentcentric….it is a business culture and amalgamation was
      a government idea dictated by empire builders who do not create wealth but prefer to control people who actually are productive. The government should have enforced their agenda of language new speak but they could not seem to understand that the productive part of the population cannot learn Governmentese as it is a most inefficient language. The other areas of Ottawa have spoken Governmentese since birth. They were raised by mind washed public servants who want everyone else to pay for their expensive life styles. Kanata has always understood that civil servants are servants and not masters.

  1. who is going to pay for the necessary infrastructure so the city of Kanata can operate separately from Ottawa? The people of Kanata of course. Be gone with you and good luck!

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