Saunders Farm Hires 32 Ex-Cons to Ensure Scares this Halloween

At the end of October, a variety of Ottawa businesses will compete to see who can scare their visitors the most. Saunders Farm has traditionally ranked very high on the list of frightening festivities, with attractions such as costumed monsters and a haunted hayride. Scare stats dipped last year, however, thanks to the growing popularity of escape rooms and other spooky destinations. This year, Saunders Farm is looking to bounce back in a big way.

“We are proud to announce that we will be taking advantage of the government’s Work-Release program this Halloween, employing over 30 seasonal employees from the penitentiary system” announced Jack O’Leary, Saunders Farm’s Community Outreach Officer, “These men and women will take tickets, operate rides, and act as guides through the farm. We hope that these additions add a new level of danger and excitement for our guests”.

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