Capital Pride Inspires Parades for Other Deadly Sins

Ottawa is well known for having at least one festival every week in the summer, but so far parades tend to be limited to Christmas themes and the financially-strapped Capital Pride parade. Given the massively popular LGBTQ celebrations taking place in Ottawa and around the world, city officials are actively taking bids for new downtown attractions.

Of particular focus this year are the other so-called deadly sins. While some might argue that events like PoutineFest and RibFest have ‘Gluttony’ and ‘Sloth’ covered, parades are currently being planned around other vices that humans fall victim to. For instance, the Greed parade, which will take place early next year, will focus on the incoming and incumbent politicians assuming their seats on Parliament Hill.

The Envy parade, planned for when the weather improves again, will be held on Bank Street, and will involve the homeless of Ottawa lining the street and watching people go about their normal days. The Lust Parade will happen concurrently with Escapade next summer, where scantily-clad EDM fans will be encouraged to dance their way through the streets of downtown Ottawa.

Currently the city is accepting pitches for a Wrath parade; though strangely no offers have been presented thus far.

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