Redblacks Invite Critics to Play in Exhibition Game

Criticism: It’s something that every professional sports player is used to. Despite having a much better season than last year, the Ottawa RedBlacks are no exception. Analysts, journalists, and even fans have accused them of having a weak offensive line, sloppy defence, a lacklustre offence,  and an unreliable quarterback.  Teams sometimes respond to these kind of allegations via Twitter, but usually do their best to ignore them completely. Next Saturday, the Ottawa RedBlacks will be addressing criticism in a unique way: The Bruise Bowl

“The first annual Bruise Bowl will be an exhibition game between the Ottawa RedBlacks and a collection of reporters, fans, and other individuals who consider themselves football experts” announced Coach Robert Malarky, “Everyone seems to think they know best, so let’s put that to the test. It will be interesting to see how our team stacks up against these armchair athletes.”
It is still unclear as to exactly who will be playing against the RedBlacks in the scrimmage, but members of the team appear excited at the opportunity to prove the critics wrong.

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