Ottawhat 55 – Jenni Beharry

Ottawhat 55 - Jenni Beharry
In this episode, we spoke to culinary nutrition expert Jenni Beharry. She’s trained in human geography, television broadcasting, and nutrition, and she’s volunteered for Camp Quality for the last several years now.

Learn about the health benefits of kombucha, why you should avoid the bear-shaped honey bottle unless you have a gaping wound, and why everybody needs to spend more time in the woods. One good way to get outdoors more this summer is to volunteer at Camp Quality! They really need volunteers, and you can hang out with Keegan and Jenni (and Becca, Kevin, Chris and Nat) in August if you get involved!

Check out this recipe for delicious, healthy tahini cookies Jenni made for us on the show!

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