Ottawhat 46 – Natalie Stewart (Camp Quality)

Ottawhat 46 - Natalie Stewart (Camp Quality)

This week, we sat down with Natalie Stewart, an elementary school teacher and Camp Quality volunteer coordinator. She discussed her career as a teacher and some of the differences between teaching various grade levels.

Natalie also told us all about the incredible Camp Quality, a one-week non-profit summer camp giving young cancer patients the opportunity to spend a week away from their normal lives having stress-free fun.

The camps, which are run and managed by volunteers, exist all over the world. The Eastern Ontario Camp Quality takes place near Lanark, Ontario, and they are actively looking for volunteers for this year’s camp. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a week at camp with Keegan, this is the camp for you!

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Email Natalie about volunteering at [email protected]

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