Ottawhat 28 – Grant & Magill (Rule2Productions)

Ottawhat 28 - Grant & Magill (Rule2Productions)

On this week’s show, we spoke to Grant and Magill from Rule2Productions, a local upstart video production company in Ottawa. We talked to them about how they got interested in film, some of their favourite projects so far, and the film festival scene in our neck of the woods.

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Jurassic Park IV (according to an 8 year old)
George Washington Slept Here? – featuring Keegan!
Amaan’s “Mo Space”

This week we featured the No. 5 • Burnt Rock (Vanilla Porter) and the No. 33 • St. Luke’s Verse (Lavender Gruit). These are the third and fourth beers you can find in the Best of Beau’s holiday 4-pack at the brewery in Vankleek Hill, or at an LCBO near you!

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