Feedback 8 – Pre-production

Feedback 8 - Pre-production

This is the last episode before the Damien and BL head into the studio with their band, Sons of Pluto! We discuss the choices a band needs to make during pre-production, the importance of music theory vs. experience, and defining what you do for work as opposed to what you love to do.

We’re also excited to announce that the collection of covers BL and Damien played during Season 1, officially titled Feedback: The Music – Volume I, is now available as an album! Follow the link to find out how you can get it, and support the podcast and its hosts! The guys actually re-recorded 4 of the 12 tracks for this release, and we all really hope you enjoy it!

You can find the music Damien and BL played in episode 8 right here in this playlist:

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