Feedback 2 – Songwriting

Feedback 2 - Songwriting

Feedback is a show about music with some very talented musicians, Damien Broomes and Brian Lee. Rob Attrell is your host as we go on a musical journey on the lifestyle and experiences of musicians trying to make it in the world.

In this episode, we discussed the songwriting process, from coming up with ideas, to finding new and interesting ways to play old songs. We really hope you like it! You can see Damien and BL perform for free with their band, Sons of Pluto, on January 29th at Deacon Brodies, in Ottawa.


Here are a couple of links to things we talked about:
Damien and BL also played some covers for you, you’ll find them in this playlist:

If you want to listen in your favourite podcast player, use this link:

Let us know what you think of the show on Twitter, we’re: @RobAttrell (Rob)@mystical_wizard (BL), @BroomesDamien (Damien). We’d love to hear your topic suggestions, comments and feedback on Feedback!

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