137 – Vote Compass 2021 | Part 3 (Q13-18)

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137 – Vote Compass 2021 | Part 3 (Q13-18)

This is week 3 of my Vote Compass 2021 series, and I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to take the ‘quiz’ and see where you line up.

Q13. How much should be done to accommodate religious minorities in Canada?

Being a non-religious person, I feel I can say in a relatively unbiased way that religious minorities are pretty well accommodated here in Canada, but it’s very possible I’m not in a good position to judge this and obviously being ‘accommodated’ has a pretty subjective meaning depending on who’s being accommodated.

Q14. All semi-automatic firearms should be banned in Canada.

This question to me is very straightforward and to-the-point, and I totally agree with it. There’s no reason to own a gun outside of defending yourself from wildlife on a farm or in rural areas, and even then, it’s tenuous. In a city, there’s literally no compelling reason you can give me to own a gun (that doesn’t involve other people also owning guns). It’s not worth it.

Q15. Some provinces pay more than their fair share to support the rest of the country.

Equalization payments will always be disputed by provinces who feel they’re putting in more than is fair, but the equalization formula is pretty straightforward, and though I have no idea how much is actually paid/received by which provinces, I believe Ontario pays these payments, and I have no problem with it.

Q16. How much tax should large corporations pay?

Large corporations, especially those providing essential services (power/communications/utilities, etc.) should have a cap on profits they can make, and if that’s not feasible, their taxes should certainly increase such that their remaining profits shrink.

Q17. All Canadians should have access to government-funded prescription drugs.

Obviously a national Pharmacare plan is a good idea, and seems to have overwhelming support. I’d be curious to know popularity stats on this, if there are polls on the subject.

Q18. How many immigrants should Canada admit?

I strongly feel Canada should admit more immigrants until nobody tells us they want to be here anymore, or until we start to run out of resources (haha). We have lots of room and should be welcoming people of all cultures with open arms.