135 – Vote Compass 2021 | Part 1 (Q1-6)

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135 - Vote Compass 2021 | Part 1 (Q1-6)

This week, I give a quick life update (a lot has happened, I’m on leave, etc.) and then delve in to my 5 part series on the 2021 CBC Vote Compass.

Q1. Only those who speak both English and French should be considered for top jobs in the federal government.

In a Canada without any historical context, as somebody not from Quebec, I would much rather English be Canada’s only official language. However, given that’s not the current reality, I somewhat agree with this. Lots of context could be really useful here.

Q2. How much should the Canadian government do to make amends for its past treatment of Indigenous peoples?

This question could use a lot of context, and a little ‘More info’ button could go a long way towards providing a little more about the current state of the amends being made.

Q3. How much say should Indigenous peoples have over how Canada’s natural resources are used?

This question is also lacking in context for how much of a say Indigenous peoples have now, which is necessary when asking how much of a say they *should* have.

Q4. How much of a role should the private sector have in health care?

I don’t particularly know the specifics of the private sector’s role in health care, one that presumably differs between provinces, but my gut feeling is that I’d rather it be less than more.

Q5. How accessible should abortion services be across Canada?

This question is very tough for me to answer as a male, but having some context I think ‘abortion services’ is a blanket term and people’s minds immediately go to early elective abortions, but that is not all that abortion services are used for.

Q6. Canada should end its ties to the British monarchy.

I’m not strongly against the monarchy, but I don’t think the government should need to go to the Governor General for assent to make or change laws, and I think we can maintain diplomatic ties to the British government without being subjects of the monarchy.