Future Chat

#132 – We Should Just Get Rid of Time Zones

After waking up an hour early for no reason (Daylight Saving notwithstanding), Mike suggests we get rid of time zones altogether. We also discuss some possible fixes for solar roadways, ‘unlimited’ data, and Uber’s ethics woes.

The Scoop

#4 – Gareth Reynoldson

Film critic Gareth Reynoldson talks Christmas movies, jam, Cheetos, and his top film picks on the last episode of The Scoop of the year!

Fake It

#9 – Why are Cable and Internet bundles so confusing? (January 8)

January 8, 2016 – Rob goes looking for a new Cable and Internet package. Join him down the rabbit hole as he navigates the Rogers website looking for a way to not get ripped off by major telecommunications companies. **At about 3:00, I say gigabits per second when describing Internet packages. I obviously mean megabits …